VMworld 2011 EUC2866 View Troubleshooting: Looking Under the Hood Notes

Identify the Problem Domain
View Client
View Manager
View Composer
vCenter Server

Check View Administrator Dashboard
Shows system health and any issues 

Use Event Database for initial troubleshooting
Understand the client connection process
Check Connection Broker Logs
Match and filter SessionID, User, FSP
Check View Agent Logs
Check View Desktop PCoIP Logs
Use kb.vmware.com
Use http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/

Domain 1: Failure to Communicate
View client can't connect

Common Issues:
Logon failure
Black Screen
Poor quality display
Randomly Disconnected Session

Troubleshoot with:
Connection Broker Logs ( Client logs?)
Event database
Look for:
Client Connects
Client sends user/pw
Broker authentication
User has authenticated to Broker
Use the Session ID

Domain 2: Desktop Not Available

Common Issues:
No Desktop Available
Pool provisioning issues
Agent not communicating with broker
User sat at desktop login screen (SSO)

Troubleshoot with:
Connection Broker/View Agent logs
Event Database

Look for:
Broker desktop request
Broker allocates session to user
Broker attempts SSO
Broker starts session on VM
Agent responds
Broker provisioning error

Domain 3: Broken Broker

Look for:
Adam Replication
repadmin.exe /showrepl localhost:389 DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int
vCenter Server Connectivity
VS_DOWN events
View Composer
VMs have been manually deleted
Causes Composer DB and VC DB to get out of sync
Composer thinks VM already exists
"Virtual Machine with Input Specification already exists"
JMS Connectivity
Split site architecture not supported (3ms responses expected)
Connect Server Logs
tracker REJOIN messages - JMS connectivity
tracker RESYNC messages - messages being delayed

Domain 4: Why is my desktop so slow?

Common Issues:
Storage IO Bottleneck
20ms or less disk latency expected
Memory contention
CPU contention
Network Issues

Look at:
vCenter Server
3rd Party Tools

What to look for:
VMs per VMFS LUN (SCSI reservations)
Disk Read Latency > 20 ms

VMworld 2011 EUC2846 View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Notes

Design decision entanglement.

The most complex decisions need to be made first
Operating Systems
Windows 7 = Windows XP (x) 1.25 resources when optimized
Use Case > Personal desktop and pool > Pod and Block > VMware infrastructure > Storage Design > User access Device

Storage Design Considerations

Server Workload
Disposable disks
Workload IOPS 2.5x standard deviation for design
Max footprint
Repositories - Home Dirs, Persistent Disks, Profile Stores, Transfer server, templates, applications

Non functional specifications

Users Love for system, dislike for change

Design checklist

User involvement
Balanced business and technical best practice
Design rationales
Clarity over ambiguity

Best Practices

OS optimization
Antivirus resource demands
Storage design
PCoIP integration
Business case
Avoid the meandering path to failure
PCoIP one level below VOIP

Assessment > PoC > Pilot > Production design > Production Deployment



VMWorld 2011 EUC1543 Deploying VMware View Across the LAN and WAN Notes

I'll be posting my notes from VMworld 2011 sessions.  I haven't dont this in the past.  They won't be pretty but hopefully useful for someone.

WAN Challenges
Speed of light
Career QoS
Optimization of Protocol
Location of user data in relation to VDI cluster

PCoIP Tuning
Minimum image quality 40
MAx image quality 70
Salsa encryption
Max bandwidth 1500Kbps
Bandwidth floor 150Kbps
Frame rate size

RDP Tuning
15 bit color
bitmap cache size 30 Mbps
Profile Redirection
Folder redirection

Opalis - Work Flow Automation
View PowerCLi / PowerShell
Virtual Center and View
Active Directory
Monitor task for completion
Status emailed

Group Policy
Protocol tuning
view settings

End Users
Set expectations
Communicate / educate how it works

Helpdesk team
Change support model
Get them using it, replace hardware
Get a go-to person

Technical problems
Bidirectional Audio
Video conferencing
De-centralized VDI
WAN restraints


Document requirements for each use case/department
Establish remote site champions as eyes and ears
Get good consistent feedback from end users
VMware WinXP and 7 optimization guides
Never P2V physical desktop image
Rethink antivirus / endpoint protection
move to vShield Endpoint based solution if possible
randomize scans

Stay Current - products are maturing rapidly

VMware View 5
75% reduced bandwidth
Automatic reconnect session upon network disconnect
Seamless user experience for VOIP 
Follow me desktop with VOIP phone for session flexibility
Faster user login times
Support single sign-on
Maintain user personalizations between sessions


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