VMworld 2011 EUC3163 VMware View Performance and Best Practices Notes

  • vSphere 5.0 for VDI

    • 30% performance improvement measured by consolidation rati
    • Better out of the box CPU scheduling for VDI workloads
    • No special tuning required
  • Memory

    • Per VM allocation reduced significantly
    • Allows better memory over-commit/higher consolidation ratios
    • 60% less book keeping memory per 1GB RAM VM
    • transparent page sharing
  • Graphics

    • 3D support

      • 3D graphics is rendered using CPU resources
      • Eliminates cost for GPUs and special devices
      • Good for light 3D apps/Aero
      • PCoIP Server offload cards w/Teradici

        • Improved performance
        • better consolidation from offloading
  • Protocol Enhancements

    • WAN Bandwidth optimizations
    • Lossless CODEC for text improvement
    • 30% bandwidth improvement
    • client side caching
    • Build to lossless

      • Render initial image
      • Build up to lossless
      • Build until fully lossless
      • Up to 75% bandwidth improvement if disable build to lossless
  • CPU optimizations

    • Negligible PCoIP overhead for idle VMs
    • Optimizations of algorithms and core functions at a lower level
    • Reduced compression library overheads
    • Better Session Resilience

      • Session recovery during loss of network up to 30 seconds is seamless to users
    • PCoIP performance counters for session stats/performance monitoring

      • WMI based
  • Provisioning

    • Faster operations in 5.0
    • More parallelism with config parameters
  • Loading boot drives from SSD is a major performance improvement to combat boot storms

VMworld 2011 VSP3255 VMware Storage vMotion Deep Dive and Best Practices Notes

Storage vMotion in 5.0 does IO Mirroring
Migration is almost 2x faster than 4.1

Empty disk is created on target vmfs, IO is written to both disks, and mirroring is started to move disk
Pause and resume time for VM moving over storage vMotion is now controlled and never more than 2 seconds

Preserve the state of a VM
config state
memory state
disk state

Snapshot descriptor file *.vmsd
Snapshot config file *.vmsn
snapshot delta disk *-delta.vmdk

Snapshot File Placement:
Descriptor and config file in VM home or SnapshotDirectory
Delta disk in same location as the parent disk

vSphere 5.0 supports storage vMotion for linked VMs

Simultaneous vMotion and Storage vMotion
Inter-vDS vMotion and Storage vMotion
Inter-vCenter vMotion and storage vMotion
vMotion and Storage vMotion across geographies

VMworld 2011 EUC1825 VMware ThinApp Implementation and Design Best Practices Notes

Network bandwidth requirements need to be taken into consideration during the design process forThinApp.
Not all applications should use ThinApp

Follow the ThinApp Design Process
Listen to and document the customer pain points
Don't be afraid of ThinApp Steaming
Reuse existing deployment infrastructure
Don't be afraid of 3rd Party Tools

Use Case Definition
Target App List
Application Integration Design
Application Management Design
Packaging Infrastructure Standards
Deployment Infrastructure Design

ThinApp Bandwidth requirements:
ThinApp Streaming Workload is the traffic consumed by the application during the launch process
ThinApp Payload is the data containing the runtime components only
TCP/IP Overhead necessary to facilitate the ThinApp Streaming Process

ThinApp Network Impact Study Guide and ThinApp Repository Best Practices will be released soon
PowerShell can be used to Inventory deployed and remove deployed ThinApps

In place updates:  Current version renamed to .1 update ran as .msi

App1.1  App1.MSI

Dependancies are included in the ThinApp.  Multiple versions of Java can be packaged for different ThinApps and used on the same desktop.

Using DFS to replicate ThinApps works well

Liquidware Labs Profile Unity - ThinApp deployments and Persona management

ThinApp Factory, new version of the ThinApp Converter
Automatic conversion of MSI into ThinApps (coming soon)

Horizon App Manager
Phase 1 Saas based applications
Phase 2 ThinApp Management and Distribution (coming soon)
ThinApp management application


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