Reverse DNS / PTR records with Windows 2008

The Windows 2008 DNS Manager does not work correctly for reverse DNS zones outside of the typical classes.  I recently had to enable reverse DNS for a /25.  The DNS Manager creates the zone correctly, but then doesn't allow you to enter the PTR records in the correct format.

To enter your PTR records correctly you have to use an elevated command line with the dnscmd tool.


For a reverse DNS of

dnscmd /recordadd 128/ 10 PTR


Who do these replica folders belong to?

Cleaning up some LUNs so I can resize them and after rebalancing all the pools the LUN I was going to remove still had some folders on it.  Most of the folders only contained a .hlog file, but a few replica folders still existed and those are a reason for concern.  Using the following SQL commands you can determin if the VM associated with the replica folders still exist, and what VM it is or was in some cases.



FROM [vmwvdb].dbo.VPX_ENTITY

where [NAME] ='replica-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'


Copy the ID for use in the next query as 'VM-###'



FROM [vmwv composer db].dbo.SVI_REPLICA

where [REPLICA_MOID] = 'VM-###'


Copy the Replica_ID for use in next query





FROM [vmwv composer db].dbo.SVI_SIM_CLONE

where [REPLICA_ID] ='11111111-aaaa-1111-aaaa-111111111111'


You should now have the VM name if it still exists in the database.

MySQL Backup script

Doing this on FreeBSD so you might need to modify the bash location for other OS choices

backupfile=`date +backup-%d-%m-%y_%H.sql`
cd $backupdir
mysqldump --opt -A -h localhost --password=***** -u root > $backupfile
gunzip "$tarfile".gz
tar rf $tarfile $backupfile &> /dev/null
gzip $tarfile
rm $backupfile

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