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VMware script remove CD media

Often I forget to go back and unmount ISO files in VMware. This isn't normally a problem unless you want to do something like delete a storage target, but it is a pain to try and location which VM has the ISO mounted by hand in the vSphere client. Thi… more »

Who do these replica folders belong to?

    Cleaning up some LUNs so I can resize them and after rebalancing all the pools the LUN I was going to remove still had some folders on it.  Most of the folders only contained a .hlog file, but a few replica folders still existed and those are a re… more »

VMworld 2011 EUC3163 VMware View Performance and Best Practices Notes

vSphere 5.0 for VDI 30% performance improvement measured by consolidation rati Better out of the box CPU scheduling for VDI workloads No special tuning required Memory Per VM allocation reduced significantly Allows better memory over-co… more »
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