Murmur / Mumble on FreeBSD 7

Murmur is a server based VOIP chat program. It is suppose to have sound quality that compares/exceeds to Ventrilo, but is available free.

Requires QT4 w/sqlite plugin, and sqlite.

QT4 port did not work as I hoped. It was actually script looping at one point looking for autoconf. Turned out to be a mess so I changed to using packages

As root add the following packages

pkg_add -r qt4
pkg_add -r qt4-sqlite-plugin
pkg_add -r sqlite3
Install port or package for openssl.

Change back to normal user

Download mumble source

tar xvfz mumble-1.1.4.tar.gz
cd /mumble-1.1.4/src/murmur

Make sure your not using bash shell, setenv doesnt exist. I did this in csh

setenv QMAKESPEC /usr/local/share/qt4/mkspecs/freebsd-g++

cd ../../release
cp ~/mumble-1.1.4/scripts/murmur/ini ~/.config/Mumble/murmur.ini
edit murmur.ini for setting IP address of server (binds to all w/o) and any other settings

Set the server superuser password
./murmurd -supw (superuser password for server)

At this point you should be able to connect from your mumble client.

Mumble wiki available at

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