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Reverse DNS / PTR records with Windows 2008

The Windows 2008 DNS Manager does not work correctly for reverse DNS zones outside of the typical classes.  I recently had to enable reverse DNS for a /25.  The DNS Manager creates the zone correctly, but then doesn't allow you to enter the PTR records… more »

URL Rewrite for IIS7 http to https redirection

This is a great addition.  Finally we have an easy way to redirect users.  I'm using this to rewrite all http connections as https. You can use the web installed for URL Rewrite here. After you have the extension loaded you can make rules 2 ways.  Ei… more »

FastCGI timeout value change

By default IIS7 doesn't have a icon to control FastCGI, but you can modify the values in the command line.  I'm using php as the example as that is the most common use for FastCGI. appcmd set config -section:system.webServer/fastCgi /[fullPath='C:\php\… more »
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