Category: Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 mailbox size list

Exchange 2010 doesn't have a GUI view where you can see the users listed with their mailbox size.  Luckily you can make your own list using the Exchange Management Shell. Get-MailboxDatabase "<insert database anme>" | Get-MailboxStatistics | Sort… more »

Exchange 2010 disconnected mailboxes

After moving accounts from a Exchange 2003 server to a new Exchange 2010 we discovered several disconnected mailboxes. I believe these were disconnected because the mailbox was not properly removed from the 2003 server, and the mailbox cleanup agent… more »

Exchange 2003/2010 upgrade links

I was going to make a post on the Exchange 2010 upgrade process, but I found so many good resources during my upgrade it seemed step by Messa… more »