Category: BSD

MySQL Backup script

Doing this on FreeBSD so you might need to modify the bash location for other OS choices #!/usr/local/bin/bash backupdir=/home/backup/ backupfile=`date +backup-%d-%m-%y_%H.sql` tarfile=mysqlbackup.tar cd $backupdir mysqldump --opt -A -h localhost --pas… more »

Wireshark on OS X

By default you get an error that no interfaces are available when you try to capture traffic. This is because you don't have access to the necessary parts of /dev/To fix it:sudo chown username /dev/bpf* more »

Monitoring Dell Perc Controllers, OpenManage, and VMware ESX with Nagios on FreeBSD

The environment I work in now is large enough that simply looking for the flashing orange lights, and hoping I notice it before we have multiple drive failures, is no longer sufficient. NagiosExchange has several pluggins that will report back from Dell… more »
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