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VMworld 2011 EUC3163 VMware View Performance and Best Practices Notes

vSphere 5.0 for VDI 30% performance improvement measured by consolidation rati Better out of the box CPU scheduling for VDI workloads No special tuning required Memory Per VM allocation reduced significantly Allows better memory over-co… more »

VMworld 2011 VSP3255 VMware Storage vMotion Deep Dive and Best Practices Notes

Storage vMotion in 5.0 does IO MirroringMigration is almost 2x faster than 4.1Empty disk is created on target vmfs, IO is written to both disks, and mirroring is started to move diskPause and resume time for VM moving over storage vMotion is now controll… more »

VMworld 2011 EUC1825 VMware ThinApp Implementation and Design Best Practices Notes

Network bandwidth requirements need to be taken into consideration during the design process forThinApp.Not all applications should use ThinAppFollow the ThinApp Design ProcessListen to and document the customer pain pointsDon't be afraid of ThinApp Stea… more »

VMworld 2011 EUC2866 View Troubleshooting: Looking Under the Hood Notes

Identify the Problem DomainView ClientNetworkView ManagerView ComposervCenter ServerComputeStorageCheck View Administrator DashboardShows system health and any issues Use Event Database for initial troubleshootingUnderstand the client connection processC… more »

VMworld 2011 EUC2846 View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Notes

Design decision entanglement. The most complex decisions need to be made firstOperating SystemsWindows 7 = Windows XP (x) 1.25 resources when optimizedUse Case > Personal desktop and pool > Pod and Block > VMware infrastructure > Storage De… more »

VMWorld 2011 EUC1543 Deploying VMware View Across the LAN and WAN Notes

I'll be posting my notes from VMworld 2011 sessions.  I haven't dont this in the past.  They won't be pretty but hopefully useful for someone. WAN ChallengesSpeed of lightCareer QoSBandwidthOptimization of ProtocolLocation of user data in relation to V… more »

Cloning VMs in Virtual Box

There is no way to clone VMs from the GUI, and because of the UUIDs you can't simply copy and rename the folders.  You can clone the hard drives from the command line though. VBoxManage clonevdi harddrive.vdi newharddrive.vdi Then just create a new v… more »